Exercise during pregnancy as an antidote to non-communicable diseases of two generations

– randomized controlled trial on the influence of special prenatal exercise programme ‘FemFit’ on changes in selected biological, functional and psychological markers of pregnancy complications and ailments as well as non-communicable diseases in mothers and their children prof. Anna Szumilewicz (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport) Part 1 Current guidelines on the prenatal exercise and … Czytaj dalej

Data acquisition and management

dr Jakub Kortas (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport) Part 1. Quantitative and qualitative data. Descriptive statistics. Part 2. Introduction to Statistica. Basic operations. Part 3. Analysis of the distribution of results. Graphic presentations. Part 4. The statistical significance of the differences between dependent and independent samples. Part 5. Homogeneity of the groups. Part … Czytaj dalej

Academic Presentation Skills – dr Kinga Humińska-Lisowska (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport)

14th & 21th December 2020, 9.00-11.15 Part 1 – Introduction to presentation skills (why do a presentation, pressures and problems of giving presentations, benefits and examples of student presentations) Part 2 – General aspects of giving a presentation (things you should know about presenting and organizing your talk, how to prepare and deliver a presentation, … Czytaj dalej

Effective searching within EBSCO databases – Urszula Nowicka Training Specialist EBSCO Information Service

2th December 2020, 11.00-12.30 The training dedicated to effective searching for information on the EBSCOhost platform will be divided into two parts. We will start with a short Power Point presentation which allows to present the resources subscribed by the University. Then we will move to the EBSCOhost platform for more practical session. We will … Czytaj dalej

Qualitative research in physical education and social sciences – dr Tamara Walczak-Kozłowska (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport)

2020-10-13 by Mariusz Lipowski 11th & 18th & 25th January 2021, 9.00-11.00 Part 1 Introduction to qualitative research in physical education and social sciences Part 2 Qualitative vs. quantitative research methods – what are the differences? Part 3 Qualitative research strategies Part 4 Qualitative data collection Part 5 Introduction to conducting and analyzing In-depth Interview (IDI) Part 6 Introduction to conducting and analyzing Focus Group Interview (FGI) … Czytaj dalej

Conducting a systematic review of psychosocial interventions – dr Łucja Bieleninik (UG)

6th & 20th November 2020, 10.00-14.00 Part 1. Introduction (definition; differences between systematic review and literature review; rationale for SRs conducting and their importance; Cochrane Collaboration; steps taken in a SR) Part 2. Define research question & write a plan for the review (SR as a research design; question formulation; types of health research questions; … Czytaj dalej

prof. Edgar Galindo: Applied Intercultural Psychology

2 March, 3.00 PM, Balcony Left Edgar Galindo (Edgar Aníbal Galindo Cota) is Professor for Psychology at the Institute for Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Studies of Piaget Institute in Almada (Lisbon, Portugal), as well as  researcher at the Comprehensive Health Research Center (CHRC), University of Evora. He is member of the Portuguese Psychological Association and of … Czytaj dalej