Supervisors and Research Workshop Areas

  • Pedagogy (particularly issues concerning care, upbringing, education, prevention)
  • Special pedagogy (particularly issues related to care, upbringing, rehabilitation of deaf people, mentally disturbed people, and rehabilitation education – of socially unadjusted people).
  • Occupational therapy (particularly that concerning support for people in crisis, family, borderline situations)

  • Sport genetic
  • Genetic background of exercise-induced adaptation
  • Physical activity for health
  • Body Image
  • Physical activity for health
  • Sociocultural standards of body image in mass media
  • Psychopathology and clinical psychology
  • Diagnosis and psychotherapy eating disorders, mental and personality disorders
  • Restrictive and compulsive eating behaviour

  • Sport genetic
  • Human obesity genes
  • Genetic background of exercise-induced adaptation
  • Genetic background of pain
  • Physical activity for health

  • Pain – physiological and psychological aspects of pain sensitivity, genetic determinants of pain, influence of physical activity on the pain in athletes
  • Anthropomotorics
  • Injuries in sport
  • Physiotherapy in sport
  • Sport psychology
  • Physical activity for health
  • Physical activity & sport in lifestyle – cross-cultural comparisons
  • Physical activity & sport for body image

  • Genetic basis of physical performance phenotypes
  • Genetic determinants of athletes’ mental skills and genetic background of pain tolerance analyzed on the genomic level
  • Gene expression changes observed in response to training on transcriptomic level

  • Sport Genetics – genetic determinants of physical performance
  • Nutritional Genomics – relationship between human genome and nutrition and its impact on people health

  • Improvement of sports training and attempts to determine adaptive abilities of human organism to physical effort searching for the new solutions in effectiveness of training process in artistic gymnastics, sport disciplines with complex structure of movement, chosen sport disciplines and in health training

  • Scientific aspects of yoga
  • Studies and evaluations of therapeutic and preventive effects of yoga intervention
  • Development, implementation and study of a relaxation training with yoga
  • High mountain expeditioning and psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetic and physiology
  • Stress and coping in sport (sportsmen and woman)
  • Effects and methods in mental coaching
  • Physical activity of pregnant women and the course of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum as well as the health condition and development of their newborns. Conditions (psychosocial, legal, organizational, biological and others) of perinatal physical activity
  • Exercises and education in the field of pelvic floor muscles and prevention of urinary incontinence in women
  • Professional qualifications in the sector of health-enhancing physical activity (including the educational systems for instructors and trainers in Poland and in the EU, Polish and international educational standards, analysis of professional competences, needs of the labor market)
  • Spine diseases in sport
  • Head trauma in football
  • Intraoperative neurophysiology
  • 3D modelling in sports and medicine

prof. Wojciech Ratkowski



prof. Ireneusz Haponiuk