prof. Paweł Cięszczyk

ORCID: 0000-0002-7735-7580

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Personal details, education and employment

I was born in the year 1976 in Goleniów (Poland). In 1995 I started studying at the Department of Natural Sciences of the University of Szczecin. I graduated in physical education in 2000 obtaining master’s degree title. In the meantime I studied Computer Science and Econometrics at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin (master’s degree in 2003).

In 2002 I began working as an assistant at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Szczecin. In subsequent years I was promoted to the position of assistant professor (2007) and associate professor (2014) and full professor (2018).

In 2012 I took the position of head of the Department of Biological Basis of Physical Culture and vice-dean for research at the Department of Physical Culture and Health Promotion of the University of Szczecin. Currently I’m  head of the Department of Molecular Biology and vice-rector for students of the University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk.

Academic record

My academic record contains more than 140 articles published in journals of so-called Philadelphia list (with Impact Factor), 3 monographs, 3 academic textbooks, 6 chapter in international monograph and 6 chapters in monograph on a national scale.    

The overall Impact Factor of the above works is 214,575 rating scale. The number of citations of my works from Web of Science is 825, h-index = 17 (day: 07.12.2019).

The number of scientific publications as the first author – 34; the number of articles as the second author – 8; the number of works as so-called head researcher – 38.

Original papers are mostly research works on widely understood use of genetic testing in sport – mainly genetic background of predisposition to practice specific sports discipline and genetic background of an increased risk of soft tissue injuries.

The results of my research have been presented during numerous congresses, conventions and conferences, both national and international.

The vast majority of my scientific works that have been published is the result of research grants. The most important projects financed by way of national and international competitions, which I was the project manager are as follows:

Research grant awarded by the National Center for Science as the result of competition OPUS11 that took the second place in the ranking of the competition OPUS

Project title: „Genotypic and haplotype analysis and the level of methylation of selected genes in the context of dopaminergic theory of motivation for activity and looking for thrills in athletes practicing various sports”.

Project manager: Paweł Cięszczyk

Research project: UMO-2016/21/B/ NZ7/01068

Total grant awarded: 437 810 PLN

Funding: National Science Centre, Opus 11, NZ7.

Research grant awarded by the National Center for Science as the result of competition OPUS17 that took the first place in the ranking of the competition OPUS

Project title: Search for new genes determining the predispositions of physical performance”.

Project manager: Paweł Cięszczyk

Research project: UMO-2017/27/B/NZ7/00204

Total grant awarded: 1.513.400 PLN

Funding: National Science Centre, Opus 17, NZ7.

Research grant awarded by the National Center for Science as the result of competition OPUS17 that took the first place in the ranking of the competition OPUS

Project title:  The impact of exercise-induced muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress on the intestinal microbiota in athletes”.

Supervisor: Paweł Cięszczyk

Project manager: Kinga Humińska-Lisowska

Research project: UMO-2018/29/N/NZ7/02800

Total grant awarded: 209.760 PLN

Funding: National Science Centre, Preludium 29, NZ7.

I gained experience  in managing project teams financed by way of national competitions while carrying out the investment project.

Project title: ” Structural and Functional Human Research Center „

Project manager: Paweł Cięszczyk

Investment project: UDA-RPZP.01.02.02-32-001/14-00

Amount of funding awarded: 6.8 million PLN (total project value: 12.4 million PLN)

Additionally I was the main contractor in few projects financed by Polish Government:

2008-2011 MNiSW: grant N404166334. “Polymorphism of selected genes in highly skilled athletes as the basis for genetic profiles used in the pre-selection of players”. University of Szczecin, 

2013-2016 NCN: grant UMO-2012/07/B/N27/01155. “The influence of polymorphisms of selected genes (ACE, AMPD1, ATP1A2, HIF1, PPARD, NRF1, VEGF, PPARG, ACTN3, IGF1, IL5, TNF) on the character and range of post-exercise adaptation response”. University of Szczecin,  

2015 MSIT: research task   2015.058/40/BP/DWM. „Genetic determinants of sport training progress”. Institute of Sport, 

2015 -2017 MNiSW: grant 0018/RS3/2015/53. „Coordination capacities and their determinants in achieving championship level in sports gymnastics,” Academy of Physical Education and Sport,