prof. Marcus Stück

ORCID: 0000-0003-0208-0772

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Educational Background

1999 – 2007 professoral dissertation (Habilitation) at the Institute of Psychology II, Universi- ty of Leipzig

1999 Abbrobation as psychological    psychotherapist for adults and children/adolescents (decision Government Presidium Saxony, 22.2.1999)

1994 – 1997 Promotion (PhD) at the Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Leipzig

1993 Study abroad at the Banaras Hindu University/ India

1991 – 1992 Study abroad at the Institute of Child Health, University of London

1987 – 1993 Study of Psychology at the University of Leipzig

1987 Auxiliary nurses in the hospitals Hubertusburg and Wermsdorf

1985 – 1987 Professional-Qualification for Electrician

1979 – 1985 Children’s and Youth Sports School in Leipzig; DDR- Champion Handball/ juniors (1982); Baccalaureate degree

Academic Titles and Scientific Degrees

2017 Honorary Professorship (Prof. h.c.) at Riga Teacher Management Academy (RTTEMA), decision of RTTEMA-Senate

2007 Teaching license (Academic Title: Associate Professor) according to § 56 of the Sax- on Law on Higher Education for the Institute of Psychology

2007 Habilitation (professoral dissertation), doctor rerum naturalium habilitatus (University of Leipzig) Thesis: „Development and empiric examination of an intervention programme under the use of Yoga and Biodanza for teachers’ occupational stress”

1997 Dissertation (PhD), doctor rerum naturalium, predicate: Magna cum laude (Uni- versity of Leipzig), Thesis: “Development and Evaluation of a Relaxation Training with elements of Yoga for Coping with Stress for Students of Middle Schools”

1993 Master of Science in Psychology (Diplom- Psychologist), predicate: „Very good“ (University of Leipzig and London) Thesis: “The eastern influence in the western psychology”

Occupations Universitarian – Academic

Since 2019 Head of Research of the DPFA Academy Work and Health, Continuation of the awarded title Professor based on the decision of the State Ministry for Science    and Art from the 18.5.2018, Director of the International Research Academy

2012 – 2018 Appointment as full-professor at the University of Applied  Science  Saxony  (DPFA), based on the decision of the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art  from the 9.8.2012 (AZ: 3-7754.20/13/3-2012), Head Scientist since 2016 (Senate decision 09/16)

2016 Awarding of honorary professorship at the Pedagogical University in Riga (Deci- sion of Senate 30.5.2016 S-04/7-24-13)

2011 – 2017 Election for the post of Professor at Pedagogical Psychology at Riga Teacher Management Academy (RTTEMA), based on the record 4/2 Joint Professor`s Council meeting on 24.Febr.2011 at Daugavpils University for a period of 6 years

Since 2015 Member of the Faculty Social Wellfare and Rehabilitation at the University Tehe-   ran (Iran)

2007 – 2012 Associate Professor at the Institutes of Psychology at University of Leipzig, Ger- many, work unit “Educational and Rehabilitation Psychology” (untenured)

2005 – 2007 Research Assistant (Assistant Professor), Institutes of Psychology at University of Leipzig, Germany, work unit “Educational and Rehabilitation Psychology”

2007 Representation Chair (Guest Professor) of „Psychology and Social Work” in the Department of Social Education at the University of Technology, Economy and Culture in Leipzig (HTWK)

2004 – 2005 Research Associate, Institute of Psychology at University of Leipzig, work unit “Psychodiagnostics”

1997 – 2004 Research Assistant, Institute of  Applied Psychology  at University  of  Leipzig,  work unit “Educational Psychology”, including HSP III scholarship for Habilita- tion-Work

1997 – 1998 Research Assistant, Institute of Medical Psychology at Martin-Luther- University  of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

1994 – 1997 Doctoral student and Research Associate at University of Leipzig, work unit “Educational Psychology”

1997 Scientific Secretary, Scientific-Theoretical Center at University of Leipzig

Grants & Awards

2007 Reward 2007 of the South-African Biodanza Association for an extraordinary research study on the global development of Biodanza

2005 Award for an extraordinary scientific study on systemic stress reduction in educational fields (emphasis: teacher’s stress, endowment: 4.000 Euro) from the Pedagogic Foundation Cassianeum in Donauwoerth, Germany, “Children in Special Situations”

1999 – 2000 Habilitation Grant (HSPIII-Saxony)

1997 Award for an extraordinary scientific study on “Children in Special Situations” (dissertation, endowment: 2.500 Euro) from the Pedagogic Foundation Cassianeum in Donauwoerth, Germany

1994 – 1997 Dissertation scholarship from the University of Leipzig

1991 – 1992 DAAD-Grant (German Academic Exchange Service): foreign exchange scholarship (University of London)

Scientific Pursuits In Projects

Since 2017 Development and Investigation of strategies of Health management in Institutions

Since 2016 Research about Treatment of Attachment disorder in water (Biodanza Aquatica)

Since 2014 Treatment of Posttraumatic stressdisorder  after  Natural  Catastrophics (Nepal, Iran)

2012 – 2016 Chronobiopsychological Laboratory research with teachers (at Universi-  ty of Applied Science Saxony (DPFA)

2008-2011 „Nonviolent communication in  day-care  centres  and  primary  schools through EMYK“ (Third-party funds for the evaluation project, Department for Right-wing-extremism of Leipzig city: 25.900 Euro, PN 2218-0334) evaluation  of the use of relaxation training with yoga elements (EMYK), modules of non- violent communication and educational play

Since 2008 „Profession analyses in day-care centres“ (Third-party funds for  the  evaluation project Fröbel gGmbH Leipzig,PN 2218-0332)

2007-2011 Project on educators‘ health: „Strong roots  –  Action  alliance  (University  of Dresden, University of Leipzig, Health-Government North Saxonia) Healthy Lifestyles and Living Environments within the Kita (day-care centre) – Setting“ (Federal Ministry of Health, PN 22180364, Supervision of the cooperation: Stress regula- tion/Relaxation Leipzig, span: 2,7 years)

Since 2006 Evaluation of  the  curriculum  for  the  implementation  of  the  Saxon  Education Plan, Conclusion of new elementary pedagogical approaches for stabilizing ef- fects

Since 2006 Scientific aspects of yoga, Studies and evaluations of therapeutic and preventive effects of yoga intervention

Since 2006 Implementation of the  concept  of  „Systems-based  stress reduction ” (SYSRED) in the school context, Application for recognition of training programs EMYK, STRAIMY, TANZPRO- Biodanza in the health insurance

Since 2005 Studies: experience of burden of educators in day care centers

1999 – 2007 „Interventions for the accomplishment of teachers‘ occupational stress “ (Regional Education Authority Leipzig; Saxon Academy for teachers’ further training”/SALF: 33.000 Euro) Institute of Psychology at the University of Leip- zig, Department of Educational and Rehabilitative Psychology:  Development  and empirical evaluation of the stress reduction training with yoga elements (STRAIMY), the dance-oriented health program (TANZPRO Biodanza) and the concept of systemic stress reduction „system-SIS”

1998 – 1999 Psychological Medicine study on the effects of unemployment on health and ill-  ness; Institute of Medical Psychology at the Martin Luther University Halle / Wittenberg

1994 – 1998 Development, implementation and study of a relaxation training with  yoga ele-  ments for the middle school (EMYK, dissertation project), Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Leipzig, Department of Educational Psychology

Since 2012 Implementation of „School of Empathy” at Islam University Yogyakarta in In- donesia

Since 2008 HIV- Prevention in Africa under use of BIODANZA, University Gon- dar/Bahadir (Ethiopia) and University of Dar se Salaam (Tanzania) (ZfB- Förderkreis)

2005 – 2011 „Tsunami and PTSD“(DAAD; Fact Finding Mission: 4.900 Euro; title: 334400291; AZ: A/05/23412) Development of measures of personnel develop- ment for Sri Lankan workers of the Tsunami – Disaster for the treatment of post traumatic stress disorders

1999 – 2000 International Cooperation Project „Psycho-physiological regulation during simu- lated space flights – SFINCSS“(Berlin Institute for Stress Research/ Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow)

Since 1998 „Studies  on  the impact of Biodanza“ (International Biocentric  Founda-   tion/ IBF; Sponsors; Universidad Abierta Interamericana, B.Aires: 25.000 Euro) Stress Psychological Studies on effects and inter-cultural aspects of the move- ment-oriented self-regulation method Biodanza; cooperation between the Insti- tute of Applied Psychology/ Institut of Transfusion Medicine and  Immunology  at the University of Leipzig, the Institute for Stress Research, Berlin and of the Faculty of Psychology at University Abierta Interamericana, Buenos Aires

1995 – 2008 Project „Scientific Explorations during a high mountain expedition“ (Sponsors/ economy; TV programmes (Arte, MDR); Berlin Institute for Stress Research)