prof. Marcin Białas

ORCID: 0000-0003-0160-1839

ResearchGate profile

Polish pedagogue and theologian, habilitated doctor in social sciences and humanities, specialist in the field of surdopedagogy, oligophrenic pedagogy, didactics, history, associate professor at Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport.

He obtained his professional experience working as a teacher, pedagogue, school headmaster, lecturer, dean.

He is an author of many monographic publications addressing the issue of disabled people unadjusted socially and excluded, and also anthropological and theological conditioning of the process of upbringing. Author of a methodological handbook designated for children with severe prenatal hearing dysfunction. Editor of multi-author publications. Author of Polish and foreign scientific papers. Instructor-translator of the Cued Speech method enabling communication with deaf people

Awarded with the Silver Medal for Long-time Service given by the President of the Republic of Poland, Medal of the Commission of National Education for special contributions to education and upbringing assigned by the Minister of National Education. Member of the Team of Christian Pedagogy at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Association for Occupational Therapy.