Academic Presentation Skills

dr Kinga Humińska-Lisowska (Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport)

Part I
I – Introduction to presentation skills (why do a presentation, pressures and problems of giving presentations, benefits and examples of student presentations)
II – General aspects of giving a presentation (things you should know about presenting and organizing your talk, how to prepare and deliver a presentation, the main difference between general presentation and academic presentation)
III – Practice

Part II
IV – What is academic presentation and how to design research presentation? Academic presentation language
V – Creating effective slides (background, fonts, structure, animation, pictures, graphs, referencing, presenting numbers effectively)
VI – Building academic speaking and discussion skills (taking part, giving opinions, agreeing & disagreeing, clarifying)
VII – Practice

Part III
VIII – How to open and close presentation? How to look confident? (improving individual performance, examples of openings and closings + practice)
IX – Learning from presentations. How to make your presentation more interesting? (what can you learn from your presentation, how can you help your audience learn from your presentation)
X – Summary: tips for preparing a good presentation. Ideas that will radically improve your presentation skills
XI – Practice